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Episode 32: Forum on e-learning in Ontario – Why everyone should be concerned

See powerpoint slides here:

In this episode we are publishing the introduction and keynote address with slides (images below) from the Community Forum on E-learning held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on February 29 , 2020. The forum was on the topic of the Ontario government’s decision to greatly increase reliance on e-learning courses for high school graduation in the province from current levels.

The keynote presentation, entitled “The Impossible Promise of E-learning in the Toronto District School Board”, is by Dr. Beyhan Farhadi a researcher, educator, and advocate for a fully-funded public education system. She holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto (2019) and an MA in English from York University (2010). Her dissertation examined the relationship between e-learning and educational inequality in the Toronto District School Board. Currently, she is applying her research findings on e-learning to develop blended secondary English classrooms.

We are including below the slides referred to in the presentation for your reference.

Future episodes will present the panel discussion that followed and discussion by students and educators on the Ontario governments plans and their own experiences with elearning.

Dr. Beyhan Farhadi

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Episode 32: Forum on e-learning in Ontario – Why everyone should be concerned